Commit 8bf51aba authored by Konstantinos Sideris's avatar Konstantinos Sideris
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parent 99ca7480
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.1)
project(matrix_client VERSION 0.1.0 LANGUAGES CXX C)
project(matrix_client VERSION 0.2.0 LANGUAGES CXX C)
option(ASAN "Compile with address sanitizers" OFF)
option(BUILD_LIB_TESTS "Build tests" ON)
version: 0.1.0-{build}
version: 0.2.0-{build}
configuration: Release
image: Visual Studio 2017
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ setup_headers(mtx::http::Session *session,
const std::string &endpoint,
const std::string &content_type = "")
session->request.set(boost::beast::http::field::user_agent, "mtxclient v0.1.0");
session->request.set(boost::beast::http::field::user_agent, "mtxclient v0.2.0");
session->request.set(boost::beast::http::field::accept_encoding, "gzip,deflate");
session->request.set(boost::beast::http::field::host, session->host);
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