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- New upload UX
  - Queue multiple uploads by pasting or dragging multiple files.
  - Videos will now properly have a thumbnail as well as images.
  - Duration, width and height is now also properly included so that clients can resize appropriately.
  - Thumbnails are excluded if they are bigger than the original image. (tastytea)
- Improvements for mobile devices (Malte E)
  - You should now be able to scroll by touching anywhere with no random dead zones.
  - Preedit text can now be used in a completer and is properly sent
  - If an input method is active, pressing Enter will not send the current message.


- Optionally always open videos and images in an external program. (math)


- Build macOS releases against Qt 5.15.3 to resolve missing spaces after some punctuation.
- Send the shortcode as the body for stickers without a body.
- Elide long usernames in the timeline. (Malte E)
- Cleanup the reply popup. (Malte E)
- Use standard buttons where possible. (tastytea)
- Various improvements to the bubble layout. (Malte E)
- Enable online key backup by default.
- Update the bundled gstreamer in our Flatpaks.


- Indonesian (Linerly)
- Estonian (Priit)
- Finnish (Priit)
- Esperanto (Tirifto)


- Fix hovering the action menu.
- Try to avoid using unknown UIA flows.
- Don't Components actively in use.
- Fix screensharing.
- Fix device id when doing SSO logins.