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- Message bubbles (Malte E) 💬
  - Give a colorful and space saving background to messages.
  - Optionally shrink the usernames to save even more space.
  - Your messages are on the opposite side of messages sent by other users.
- Basic widgets 🗔
  - Widgets in a room are shown below the topic.
  - Open them in your browser to view them.


- Autocompleter for custom emotes using `~`. Note that this currently inserts raw html into the message input.
- Support running Nheko without a secrets service using a hidden setting.
- Add zooming and panning to the image overlay.
- Add a manpage. (tastytea)
- Offline indicator. (LorenDB)
- Proper previews for unjoined rooms in spaces (on supported servers).
- `/reset-state` /command to reset the state of a single room.
- Allow hiding some events from the timeline. (tastytea)
- Hidden read receipts. (Symphorien)
- Open room members dialog when clicking the encryption indicator.
- Click to copy room id. (Malte E)
- Allow specifiying a reason for message removal, bans and kicks. (tastytea)


- Speed up blurhash and jdenticon rendering.
- Use fewer threads for image decoding reducing memory use.
- Document secret service installation on Arch. (Marshall Lochbaum)
- Make edits replace previous notifications for the same message on Linux.
- Add alternatives for Alt-A as a shortcut on systems where that is already used.
- Apply clang-tidy suggestions. (MTRNord)
- Make custom emotes twice as high as the text to improve legibility. (tastytea)
- Ensure high quality scaling is used for custom emotes. (tastytea)
- Reduce allocations for the timeline by around a factor of 2.
- Render messages half as often, when displaying them for the first time.
- Increase maximum number of items in completers to 30.
- Run the gstreamer event loop also on macOS and Windows.
- Make presence update dynamically.
- Cleanup the raw message dialog.
- Make settings responsive.
- Improve Login and Registration pages.
- Add custom stickers & emotes to Q&A.
- Improve scrolling on touch screens. (Malte E)
- Reduce size of state events.
- Update OpenSUSE install instructions. (LorenDB)
- Use newer flatpak runtime.
- Fallback to using the shortcode in custom emotes, when there is no title set. (Ivan Pavluk)
- Improve a lot of hovering behaviours.
- Make spinboxes in scrollable pages unscrollable. (Malte E)
- Fix deprecation warnings in gstreamer code. (Scow)
- Make room directory fit mobile screens. (Malte E)
- Make room search accessible on mobile. (Malte E)
- Fix calls on mobile.
- Add arch binary repo. (digital-mystik)
- Improve long topics in the room settings. (Malte E)
- Fix typos. (ISSOtm)
- Improve the message input on mobile devices. (Malte E)


- Indonesian (Linerly)
- Spanish (Lluise, Diego Collado, Richard, Edd Ludd, Drake)
- Catalan (Edd Ludd)
- French (ISSOtm)
- Estonian (Priit)
- Dutch (Thulinma)
- Chinese (hulb)


- Wrap member events.
- Fix rendering of some emoji.
- Fix crash when accepting invites.
- Don't fail startup on servers without presence.
- Fix grayscale images in notifications when using dunst.
- Clear sticker search. (tastytea)
- Limit width of username and roomname in the respective settings.
- Application name on Wayland.
- Memory leak when closing dialogs.
- Fix editing pending messages.
- Fix missing Windows runtime. (MTRNord)
- Fix a long standing issue where the font was set to a random one instead of the system default.
- Allow clicking on images in replies to scroll to that image again.
- Don't force https, when logging into a http only server.