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- Somewhat stable end to end encryption
  - Show the room verification status
  - Configure Nheko to only send to verified users
  - Store the encryption keys securely in the OS-provided secrets service.
  - Support online keybackup as well as sharing historical session keys.
- Crosssigning bootstrapping
  - Crosssigning is used to simplify the verification process. In this release
     Nheko can setup crosssigning on a new account without having to use a
     different client.
  - Nheko now also prompts you, if there are any unverified devices and asks you to verify them.
- Room directory (Manu)
  - Search for rooms on your server and other servers. (Prezu)
  - If their topic interests you and it has the right amount of members, join
      the room and the discussion!
- Custom sticker packs
  - Add a custom sticker picker, that allows you to send stickers from MSC2545.
  - Support creating new sticker (and emote) packs.
  - You can share packs in a room and enable them globally or just for that
- Token authenticated registration (Callum)
  - Sign up with a token to servers, that have otherwise disabled registration.
  - This was done as part of GSoC and makes it easier to run private servers for
      your family and friends!


- Support email in registration (required on for example)
- Warn, if an @room would mention the whole room, because some people don't like that.
- Support device removal as well as renaming. (Thulinma)
- Show your devices without encryption support, when showing your profile.
- Move to the next room with unread messages by pressing `Alt-A`. (Symphorien)
- Support jdenticons as a placeholder for rooms or users without avatars.
  - You will need to install
- Properly sign macOS builds.
- Support animated images like GIF and WebP.
  - Optionally just play them on hover.
- Support accepting knocks in the timeline.
- Close a room when clicking it again. (LorenDB)
- Close image overlay with escape.
- Support .well-known discovery during registration.
- Limited spaces support.
  - No nice display of nested spaces.
  - No previews of unjoined rooms.
  - No way to edit a space.
- Render room avatar changes in the timeline. (BShipman)
- Support pulling out the sidebar to make it wider.
- Allow editing pending messages instead of blocking until they are sent.
- Support mnemonics in the context menus. (AppAraat)
- Support TOFU for encryption. (Trust on first use)
- Right click -> copy address location.
- Forward messages. (Jedi18)
- Alt-F to forward messages.
- A new video and audio player, that should look a bit nicer.


- Translation updates:
  - French by MayeulC, ISSOtm, Glandos, Carl Schwan
  - Dutch by Thulinma, Bas van Rossem, Glael, Thijs
  - Esperanto by Tirifto, Colin
  - Estonian by Priit
  - Indonesian by Linerly
  - German by 123, Konstantin, fnetX, Mr. X, CryptKid
  - Portuguese (Portugal) by Tnpod, Xenovox, Gabriel R
  - Portuguese (Brazil) by Terry, zerowhy
  - Finnish by sdrrespudro, Priit
  - Polish by Prezu, AXD, stabor
  - Malayalam by vachan-maker
  - Italian by Daniele, Lorenzo
  - Spanish by lluise
  - Russian by kirillpt
  - Various wording improvements throughout.
- Verification status and identity keys should now update properly after login.
- Clicking the user in a read receipt opens their profile. (LorenDB)
- Invites should now work properly on mobile.
- Use the modern notifications on macOS.
- Decode blurhashes faster.
- Port various dialogs to Qml. (LorenDB)
- Improve paste support on Windows, when mimetype detection fails and pasting
    SVGs (Thulinma)
- --help and --version now work, even if Nheko is already running somewhere.
- Update emoji support to version 14.
- Properly navigate to linked to events. (Thulinma)
- Lots of smaller bugfixes and refactorings. (LorenDB)
- Scroll entire profile page and properly trim contents. (Thulinma)
- Make it easy to switch between global and room specific profiles. (Thulinma)
- Deduplicate messages sent by the server. (Thulinma)
- Decrease the margin of blockquotes. (tastytea)
- Alerts now work, if the homeserver does not implement the notifications
    endpoint. (Thulinma)
- Right click menu now works on replies.
- Decrypt encrypted media only in memory. (On macOS it still uses a tempfile because of <>)
- Don't use CC-BY in the appstream license to not confuse Gnome Software.
- Document how to sync the repo on Gentoo. (alfasi)
- Support online key backup.
- Improve FAQ. (harmathy)
- Support Backtab/Shift-Tab for moving backwards in completer selections.
- Clear cache to support the new features.
- Improve the emoji completer (less jitter and fix places where it didn't open). (Thomaps Karpiniec)
- Cleanup @room escape logic.
- Improve performance of timeline rendering.
- Add fallback for sent stickers, so that they show on iOS.
- Load rooms somewhat lazily.
- Properly scale avatars to DPI.
- Round avatars once in the backend instead of on every render.
- Request keys of all members, when opening a room the first time.
- Timeout TCP connections, if heartbeat can't be heard.
- Change secrets name. You might need to rerequest your secrets after upgrading!
- Protect against replay attacks where megolm sessions are reused.
- Add "request keys" button to undecryptable messages.
- Remove superfluous permissions in Flatpak.
- Properly set window parents on Wayland.
- Properly show users and allow opening their profiles in the members and read
    receipt dialogs. (LorenDB)
- Use Qt5.15 Connections syntax in Qml.
- Remove "respond to keyrequests option". We now reply to the right requests
    automatically and securely.
- Show confirmation prompt when leaving a room.
- Add trailing newline to session export for gomuks compatibility.
- Use a fancy Nheko logo as the loading indicator.
- Improve how the invite dialog handles users. (LorenDB)
- Store more data about megolm sessions.
- Speed up database queries by caching transactions.
- Use curl for network requests.
  - This removes the boost dependency.
  - Proxies now work using the usual curl variables.
  - Fixes a myriad of crashes.
  - Faster.
  - Less CPU load.
  - Less bandwidth usage.
- Cleanup user color generation.
- Show borders around tables.
- Improve wording of a few menu entries. (absorber)
- Highlight navigated to message.
- Switched to the fluent icon set. (LorenDB)


- Redaction of edited messages should now actually show those messages as removed.
- Bootstrap after registration should run properly now.
- Getting logged out after registration should not happen anymore.
- Removed edgecases where identity keys could get uploaded twice.
- Fix the event loop when fetching secrets breaking random things like scrolling.
- Don't crash when clearing an empty timeline.
- Opening an invite in your browser or a matrix: URI should not crash Nheko anymore or do nothing.
- When clicking on an item in the roomlist, you don't have to move your mouse anymore, before being able to click again.
- Don't hide space childs when viewing that specific space and its children are hidden.
- Only allow specific URI schemes to be followed automatically.
- Properly hide day change indicator, when loading older messages.
- Rotate session properly when 'verified only' is set.
- Handle missing keys in key queries properly.
- Properly show the window title for Qml dialogs on windows.
- Don't show decryption errors in replies.
- Don't crash when storing secrets.
- Don't send megolm messages to ourselves, if possible.
- Fix SSSS without a password.
- Fix a few edge cases with OTK upload.
- Cache more media properly (i.e. in the Goose Chooser).
- Inline images in messages now load properly.
- Don't show verification requests after startup.
- Emoji picker now follows the theme.
- Send less newlines in the reply fallback.
- Fix tags going missing when joining spaces.
- Handle inline images with single quotes. (Cadair)
- Delay key requests until a room is opened.
- Fix rooms not showing, when groups endpoint is missing.
- Don't use deprecated parameters in /login.
- Fix encoding issues when translating to matrix: URIs.
- Prevent edits from stripping the whole message, if it had a quote.

Packaging changes

- Removed the AppImage
- Removed dependency on boost
- Now depends on [coeurl](, which depends on libevent and libcurl.
- VOIP support now needs to be explicitly controlled using the VOIP and SCREENSHARE_X11 cmake options.