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- Improved Markdown input 🗒️
  - You can now enter strike-through and spoilers using `~~` and `||`
  - Single line-breaks now also create a line-break in the formatted message.
  - Code tags now preserve whitespace.
- User search in the invite dialog 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 (Malte E)
  - Can search either locally or consult the user directory on your server.


- Allow disabling animations before login.
- Set the window role to "imageoverlay" on X11. (Thulinma)


- The Nheko binary should now be slightly smaller.
- You can now build Nheko against a system install of the blurhash and
    cpp-httplib libraries. (vitaly)
- You can now enable scrollbars for the room and community lists in the
    settings. (balsof)
- Add a generic video icon when there is no thumbnail. (LorenDB)
- Pause video when switching rooms. (LorenDB)
- Add a fancy delegate when encryption is enabled. (LorenDB)
- Standardise command format messages. (phyto)
- Automatically fetch keys for undecrypted messages after verification.
- Remove all notifications on exit on Linux. (ShootingStarDragons)
- Document markdown features and /cmark command in the man page. (tastytea)
- Speedup the user completer.
- Allow closing menus on Wayland by clicking the window. (ShootingStarDragons)
- Merge Debian/Ubuntu Dependencies in the README. (enigma9o7)
- Update zsh completions. (tastytea)
- Skip empty requests for cross-signing keys when user only has one device.
- Hide image overlay when saving a file. (ShootingStarDragons)
- Make it more obvious that the add reaction button is not an emoji.
- Build only the gstreamer qml plugin in flatpak.
- Update Ubuntu dependency list for building from source. (tastytea)


- Estonian (Priit)
- Ukrainian (NullPointerException)
- Indonesian (Linerly)
- Chinese (Poesty Li)
- Esperanto (Tirifto)
- French (MayeulC, CB, Glandos, Rick)
- Dutch (Thulinma)
- Italian (DynamoFox, Elia Tomasi, Joseph Curto, Quanterxotur)
- Russian (Evgeny, SOT-TECH)
- Finnish (Lurkki)


- You can now forward stickers again.
- Edits shouldn't "jump" out of threads anymore.
- Focus text input when quick switcher is closed. (LorenDB)
- Fix rare freeze with an empty list in a completer.
- Don't fail the plugins check on GStreamer 1.22 during a video call.
- Allow nested ()/[] brackets in URLs. (mauke)
- Make br tags work properly again.
- Don't double free call devices. (Jason)
- Work around multiple destructor calls on Clang. (Jason)
- Html in sidebar.


You may want to build against the most recent mtxclient (0.9.2) for additional
bugfixes. cpp-httplib and blurhash are still bundled by default and shipped with
the source tarball. Explicitly disable the bundling for those packages to build
against system versions.