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- Search in your timeline 🔍
  - Works in encrypted rooms.
  - Search is entirely local.
  - It might be a bit slow on some systems, since it needs to paginate the room
      to search instead of relying on the server.
- Pushrule support! 🫸🫷
  - Notifications should now be faster and not rely on the server.
  - Notifications should work properly in encrypted rooms.
  - MSC3664 is supported for pushrules for reply (needs server support).
  - Mentions get highlighted in the timeline.
  - Decrypting notifications can be disabled for improved privacy.
- Threads 🧵
  - Threads are a simple way to structure large rooms.
  - Start a new thread from any event.
  - Focus on a specific thread by clicking on the colored thread button next to
      any event from this thread.
  - Replies automatically land inside the thread.


- Remember where you left off using the new unread indicator! ---
- Navigate to space when selected in quick switcher or via link.
- (Re-)Add an AppImage build. (Zhymabek Roman)
- Render and send confetti! 🎉 (LorenDB)
- Focus text field on most key presses.
- Show link to next room for tombstone events.
- macOS: Only play notification sound when pushrule says so.
- macOS: Builds for Apple Silicon.
- macOS: Allow quick replies from notifications.
- Completer for /commands.
- Allow opening room settings from room list. (LorenDB)
- Allow setting the status message via the dbus API. (LorenDB)
  - Check out this for one possible usecase: (Setting your currently playing song as your status)
- Allow swapping Enter and Shift-Enter. (LordMZTE)
- Preliminary support for VoIP v1. (Rohit)
- Allow applying permission changes in spaces recursively.
- Allow modifying permissions of users not in the room.


- Prompt before deleting the database when the error could be resolved by the user.
- Improve logging in particular for sync or registration errors.
- Speedup quick switcher.
- Prune image cache in the background.
- Store all secrets encrypted in the database (apart from the pickle).
- Speedup fetching olm sessions from the database.
- Increase database resiliency at the cost of a lot of performance.
- Rename spaces to communities.
- Handle some rate limiting better in some cases.
- More fine grained control over logging. (Forest)


- Ukrainian (NullPointerException)
- Indonesian (Linerly as always <3)
- Portugese (Brazil) (Daimar, zerowhy, Terry)
- Estonian (Priit also a valued regular)
- Finnish (Lurkki, you might know them too!)
- Chinese (Chen Shaoji, Poesty Li, ling, Eric)
- Russian (SOT-TECH, Evgeny, Carmina16, Mihail Iosilevich, Artem, Herecore, Alexey Murz, glebasson)
- Occidental (Carmina16)
- Polish (Romanik)
- Dutch (Thulinma)
- French (GitEz-code, Guillaume Girol, lascapi)


- Fix regional indicators. ‌🇦‌-‌🇿‌
- Pasting from Safari on macOS.
- Potential crash when closing the room directory.
- text selection in the raw message dialog.
- Pagination after a timeline clear.
- Entering newlines on Windows.
- Work around crash in QQC2 in alias dialog.
- Fix forwarding between encrypted rooms.
- Blurry icons on HiDPI screens. (q234rty)
- Fix CMark warning when configuring. (FINALLY!)
- Blurry thumbnails. (again?!?)
- Upload box thumbnail size. (foxb612)
- Previews getting sorted above normal rooms in space view.
- Excessive summary calls.
- Usage type buttons for Sticker/Emoji packs.
- Old server lookups overwriting new ones, possibly preventing any login.
- Crash in member list.
- Stripping fallbacks of plain text bodies.
- Different greens.
- Spoilers in replies.
- Invites without state.


We bumped the required mtxclient version to 0.9.0 and the required coeurl
version to 0.3.0. Supported Matrix API versions are now 1.1 to 1.5.