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- Community editing support 🤼
  - You can now create communities.
  - You can add and remove rooms to and from communities in various ways.
- Prettier joins ✨
  - You can now see the avatar, title, topic and member count of the room you
    are trying to join.
  - You can see if a room requires knocking or can be joined directly.
  - Requires MSC3266 support from your server.


- Add a discrete edit button to room profiles. (Hiers)
- Don't escape the summary tags on sending.
- Focus message area when pressing Escape. (Forest)
- Barebones spoiler support on desktop platforms.
- Enable encryption for DMs started from a profile by default.
- Enable option to disable notification sounds and badges on macOS.
- Speed up the completion trie. (nenomius)


- Polish (Romanik, luff)
- Dutch (Thulinma)
- Finnish (Lurkki)
- Estonian (Priit)
- Indonesian (Linerly)


- Fix crash on empty private receipts sent by some servers.
- Don't set a transient parent for child chat windows.
- Validate roomid, state_key, event_id and userids sent by the server.
- Fix empty widgets showing up in the widget list.
- Clean up linter config. (Forest)
- Use the right palette colors for reactions. (Forest)
- Fix groups sidebar's grammar. (Forest)
- Fix version position. (Zirnc)
- Properly validate urls in image tags.
- Case insensitive member search.
- Fix crash on global profiles.
- Fix crash on incomplete identity keys.
- Fix message notification format on Windows.
- Fix room members menu opening profiles for the wrong room.


Requires mtxclient 0.8.1 and fixes a few crashes that can be abused by remote