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- Notification counts 💯 (LorenDB, d42)
  - You can now see notification counts in more spaces, like your task bar or in
      the community sidebar.
  - For better work-life balance you can hide the notification counts on a per
      space basis.
  - For notification counts in the task bar your desktop environment needs to
      support the Unity protocol.
  - Notifications are also preserved across restarts now.
- Moderation 👮‍♀️
  - You can now change the permissions and aliases of a room.
  - Permissions are shown in the Memberlist
  - A new `/redact` command to redact an event or all messages by a user.
  - You can now provide a reason when inviting, knocking, kicking and banning
- Faster startup ⚡
  - On at least some systems startup should now be instant even with thousands
      of rooms.
- Encryption improvements 🛡️
  - Support for the most recent changes to Matrix E2EE including fallback keys,
      no longer relying on the sender_key.
  - Compatibility and stability improvements when dealing with different base64
      encodings and when verifying users and devices.
  - Fetch the whole online key backup at the klick of a button.
- Integration with external apps 🗺️ (LorenDB)
  - Nheko now has a D-Bus API, which you can enable in the settings menu.
  - This allows applications like KRunner or Rofi to list and switch between


This release requires Matrix API v1.1-v1.3. Please make sure your server is up
to date.

This release limits the maximum connections per host to 8. For best performance
we recommend your server supports http/2 so that slow requests don't slow down
other parts of the app (like sending messages).

Nheko now has KRunner and Rofi plugins (developed by LorenDB and LordMZTE